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November 18, 2000: Added more articles to the press coverage page.

November 6, 2000: Replaced the hit counter!

November 5, 2000: Started a press coverage page.

October 20, 2000: Started a D.J./Show Info page.  Added links to corresponding D.J.'s from the updated schedule page.

September 17, 2000: I still can't get the darn hit counter to work... I noticed that the central Avondale site added a link to the WAHS site on the 13th!  Also, in the past week, we've been undergoing major transmitter maintenence and our amazing station engineer, Keith, set up the WAHS for stereo broadcast!

September 5, 2000: Added a Contact Info page, requested that a link be made from the central Avondale site... Stay tuned.

September 3, 2000: Started the News archive and posted the schedule.

August 31, 2000: started by Sameer Barua.